Let’s Talk About Bra

October 13th is National No Bra Day. While some may think of ladies undergarments, we here at Collision Works think of vehicle bras. Typically there are two types of bras for your automobile. One is the plastic clear bra type and the other is leather. In honor of National No Bra Day we have decided to share with you the pros and cons of having a bra on your vehicle.


Pros: In general, the idea behind a clear bra is great. It protects your paint for a long time and it’s hardly noticeable (for now). The major benefit here is that whether you’re driving a Carrera 4s or a Camry Limited, you can be confident in knowing you aren’t going to have to deal with an array of rock chips on your bumper when you get home from work. And if you live in the city, it gets even better. Annoying dings and scrapes from the jerks in your neighborhood trying to park all up in your grille? This clear polymer shield will make sure nobody scuffs your paint.

  • Long term paint protection for troublesome areas
  • Prevents need to repaint bumper/fascia in a few years
  • Adds value in long run, if properly maintained

Cons: At first, all seems to be well with the clear bra treatment. Overtime; however, the story begins to take on a new face – and I do mean literally. Almost every single clear bra wrap we’ve seen has turned a yellowish opaque color after a few years (depending on quality, and therefor price). Maybe this doesn’t concern you, but if you’re going to put something on your paint to protect it, we believe it better not ruin it’s looks.

Next, while this plastic shield protects your paint, the bra itself is taking a beating. UV rays, scrapes, chips, and more are all extremely common on clear bras. In fact, if you don’t protect the clear bra, the plastic can actually dry out and become cloudy. And when you go to wax your car, you will find that along the edges of the clear bra a white buildup occurs that can leave an unsightly glowing effect. Almost makes you wonder, too, about the adhesive used to apply the wrap to the paint – it can’t be that good for the porous finish.

  • Relatively expensive for only a little bit of coverage
  • Not as durable as you’d think – if things (sap, etc.) are left on the clear bra, they can eat through the plastic and harm the paint
  • Aesthetically unpleasing… almost gag-worth


Pros: Protection from paint chips caused by road debris and rocks. It will also cut down on the amount of dead bugs you will have to clean from your vehicle’s paint (though you will still have dead bugs to clean off from the bra itself).

Cons: Uneven paint fade and moisture trapping. It is true, people tend to put these things on and forget about them. Meanwhile, the sun’s UV rays are blasting it daily causing it the paint to fade, which is something that typically goes unnoticed. However, if you have a bra on your vehicle, you will most certainly notice the paint fade once you remove the bra. Bras also trap moisture which can damage your paint and lead to premature rusting or peeling of the paint.


If you must use a bra, keep it on the car for long trips where you are more likely to pick up paint damage from pebbles and debris. However, don’t make the bra a long term, constant fixture on your vehicle. Fact is, in the long run, bras tend to do more damage than what they prevent.