Got Hail? It’s possible you have damage and don’t even know it!

Got Hal?

Hail Damage to Vehicles isn’t pretty.

Living in Midwest there are certain things you grow accustomed to. One of those things is dressing in layers because it may be 35 degrees in the morning but 70 degrees by afternoon. In the Midwest there is always time for a friendly smile and a wave or cheery “Hello y’all”. Unfortunately, another thing we have grown rather accustomed to in the Midwest is severe weather in the Springtime. That’s right, flooding, tornadoes, and hail seem to be par for course for us, not always exclusively to Spring either. Just over the course of the last two weeks between Oklahoma and Kansas there are been flash flooding, hail, tornadoes, torrential rain, snow, damaging winds, and unseasonably warm as well as cold weather. While we may have become accustomed to this weather (though we don’t like it), we aren’t always sure how to handle the aftermath of such  damages, especially hail damage. Got Hail?

Got Hail?

Over the course of the last few weeks, there has been several hail storms. Many of the hailstorms coming in the middle of the night while most everyone was asleep. Unless you were aware it hailed, you may not even realize you should inspect your car for damage. Additionally, without properly lighting it can often be hard to see hail damage, so it’s possible to have damage and not even realize. While hail damage is usually cosmetic, though it can be more than that, left unrepaired it will bring down the value of your vehicle when you go to sell or trade-in. Additionally, if you are in an accident or another weather related storm and an insurance adjuster notices previous (unrepaired) hail damage on your vehicle it can hinder the repair process and assessed value on your claim.


Let us inspect your vehicle for damages after a storm!

Collision Works does FREE hail inspections and estimates.

If you are unsure if your home or vehicle was in the area that was hit by any of the recent hail storms, you can actually look online at StormSite for Kansas or Oklahoma for a hail report broken down by city. If you determine that you were in the area of hail storms and would like to have your vehicle inspected for hail damage, Collision Works does FREE hail damage inspections. All you need to do is contact us to get an appointment set up by calling TOLL FREE (844) 422-5529.  

Filing a Claim

Once you are certain you have hail damage to your vehicle. The next step it to contact your insurance company to file a claim. Depending on the insurance company, there are various ways a hail claim may be handled. The insurance company may choose to allow the auto body shop to submit their estimate along with pictures to get the repair started quickly – this is often the case when the collision repair facility is a preferred provider. Collision Works is a preferred provider for most insurance companies. The insurance company may also choose to send out their own adjuster to assess your damages or refer you to a “drive-thru” location in which they will estimate your damages.

Hail Damage Estimates

If you had a hail estimate done by an independent body shop prior to seeing an insurance adjuster or getting a “drive thru” damage assessment, do not be alarmed if the amounts between the estimates vary. Initial hail estimates may not be accurate, as it is just an estimate. When you have your car repaired, any difference between the amount of the estimate and the final invoice will be resolved between the repairing vendor and the insurance company by means of a supplement. The difference will not come out of your pocket. The only thing you will be responsible for paying “out-of-pocket” is the deductible once the repair is completed.

In the coming weeks we will cover more information about hailstorm repairs and storm repairs. If, however; you need more information now, please contact the Collision Works location near you. Our knowledgeable Store Leaders and estimators should be able to assist you in getting answers to your questions. Not sure which location is closest to you, contact us TOLL FREE at (844) 422-5529 and we can direct you to the nearest location, as well as set up an estimate or repair appointment.