Collision Works is Changing the Future of Auto Body Repair

Collision Works Symach shop - future of auto body repairHaving an accident can feel like a huge inconvenience. Filing the claim with the insurance company, coordinating the rental car, dealing with adjusters…it can easily become overwhelming. Then there is the time commitment one must make to be out of their vehicle during the repair process. The entire ordeal can be a bit of a hassle. This is especially true when you don’t deal with accidents all the time. That is where we come in. Collision Works is dedicated to making the collision repair process not only hassle-free, but also getting your vehicle back to you quicker than any other collision repair center in the state! This isn’t some distant solution, no, the future is now. Read on to see how Collision Works is changing the future of auto body repair industry.

How It’s Done

Collision Works has implemented a new process developed by Symach. This new process is called FixLine. FixLine is a new layout and repair process for the collision repair industry. When combined with Drytronic technology and the Symach Paint Application Process (SPAP), it can provide a 60% increase in productivity and 50% increase in turn-around time! Ultimately this means your vehicle gets the same high-quality repair you’ve come to expect from Collision Works, but with a shortened overall repair time. This means less time you’ll be out of your vehicle!

Paint Application and Drying Technology

symach paint technology at collision works - future of auto body repairThe all-new paint process is called Symach Paint Application Process (SPAP). This process is the proper paint-application method that, with the help from the Drytronic technology, dries the paint in JUST A FEW SECONDS! Conventional drying processes use hot air ovens that ‘bake’ the paint. The Drytronic drying system uses different infrared  wavelengths with an extreme broad spectrum instead of the conventional hot air ovens. It provides a quality that is superior to  other conventional drying process because the bond between the base and the color is instantaneous, and 100% complete! Immediately after that, it’s time for our spick-and-span detail.

What Are You Waiting For?

The Symach Paint Application Process (SPAP) and the Drytronic technology is ideal for all types of paint products and for any brand name, all while fully complying with the manufacturer’s technical data sheet. The time required to apply the paint is reduced by 70%, while drying time is reduced by 90%. Time for a repair should no longer be an issue (or at least less of an issue). So, stop driving around with those scrapes and dings, leave Collision Works with your car feeling clean!

Collision Works is one of the few companies in the country to employ the new Symach technology. While our first Symach shop is in Tulsa at our location on 71st in the Tulsa Hills area, we will be opening 3 more Symach facilities by summer, rolling out another in Tulsa, one in Kansas, and one in Oklahoma City. The future of auto body repair technology is here, and Collision Works is on the forefront of utilizing this technology to improve the repair process and shorten the repair time – all to make having an auto accident a little less inconvenient for our guests.