8 Interesting Christmas Gift Ideas for People Who Own Cars

Every year we post a new set of affordable ideas for Christmas gifts. Many of us know folks that already have everything they need, so this year we put forth some interesting ideas. Its highly likely there is something on this list that those folks on your Christmas list DON’T have already. These are also great ideas for Dirty Santa gift giving, too. Not only are these Christmas present ideas interesting and unique, in most cases they are practical, too. 

A personalized tool perfect for the auto drivers in your life

1. The 9-in-1 Personalized Auto Tool is a versatile multi-function tool that fits in the glove compartment or console. It delivers style and safety with 9 functions, making it a must-have for everything from maintenance to emergencies. The tool includes a digi-tire gauge, Red LED light, White LED flashlight, seatbelt cutter, glass breaker, Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, scissors and pliers. Best of all, it’s under $30 in price. 


Cat car shade

2. This meow-nificently fun Car Full of Cats Auto Sunshade will instantly convert any vehicle into a catmobile! Fur-real! No kitten! sunshade makes it look to outside observers that you’ve done just that. It’s filled to cat-pacity!
Using solid material producing shade? technology, it purr-fectly protects, cools and blocks out UV rays! Measuring approximately 50 inches wide x 27.5 inches tall so it’s big enough for most cars. It includes two suction cups for simple installation. It folds for easy storage. Purr-fect for any cat lover in your life!


An organizer for your car

3.  Know someone with a messy car? This Over-Seat Trash-Holder and Organizer may be the gift for them! Whether they’re driving cross-country, or they’re picking their kids up from basketball practice, they want to keep their car clean and organized. Hang this organizer over one of their seats, or better yet, both of them!


Road Flare with flair

4.  Here is a LED Road Flair with flair. Hopefully, they’ll never need to use this. However, if the day comes when they do, they’ll be incredibly thankful that they have it in their trunk. Afterall, it’s always best to be safe when on the road.


Christmas Present For folks with long driveways

4.  Know someone with a long driveway? This Wireless Driveway Alert System is for them. The wireless receiver in your home will chime when the infrared driveway alert sensor outside detects motion. Mounts outside on a post or wall. What makes this an even better deal? It’s price comes in just under $15.


Wireless trailer hitch camera works with your cell phone

5. Whether they’re hauling a boat, a trailer full of equipment, or a trailer with some horses, any driver would feel better having another set of eyes while towing something behind their vehicle. Well, the iBall Wireless Trailer Hitch Backup Camera provides just that. The recipient of this gift will thank you once they see how much easier it is to back up and do other maneuvers while carrying something behind their car or truck.


Portable tire inflator

6.  With winter coming up, this is a great gift to ensure your loved one isn’t stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire. The TireTek Portable Tire Inflator plugs into a car’s cigarette lighter or 12V outlet to give plenty of air supply when it’s desperately need it. This pump can inflate the average car tire in less than three minutes and get them back on the road fast. It has a 10 ft long cigarette lighter power cord and three additional nozzle accessories.


Perfect Christmas gift for folks caught driving in snow

7.  The Trac-Grabber is a device that can tie around a tire if one get stucks in snow or mud to better gain traction and get themselves out. Super easy for men or women to use, the Trac-Grabber is used by simply looping the belt through the tire while having the rubber gripper pointed out on the wheel. The traction devices come two to a pack so it can be attached to each drive wheel of a car. Just give the car a little gas and the Trac-Grabber will get some traction getting their car out of whatever mess They’ve gotten into. The Trac-Grabber works with snow, ice, mud, dirt, or really any sort of terrain with adverse conditions.


Inexpensive HUD navigation device

8.  If you’re not looking to invest greatly in an expensive heads-up-display (HUD) for their car, nor are you looking buy a new car with a HUD pre-built into it as a Christmas gift, you may want to look at something cheaper, simpler, and essentially allows someone to use something likely already in their pocket. The HUDWAY Glass is a heads-up-display for their car that uses just the reflection from one’s own phone as a HUD.


Hopefully this has given you some useful ideas for Christmas present ideas. If you need more ideas, check out our auto gift ideas from last year. If the ideas we presented will not work for your loved ones, hopefully you are able to find that perfect gift with little to no stress. After all, the season is so much more enjoyable when you aren’t rushed or stressed out.