8 Auto Hacks for Ice & Snow

auto hacks for ice and snowOnce again, the threat of ice and snow looms over us. We always hope those weather professionals are wrong with their predictions (and thankfully, often they are), but we prepare for the worst and hope for the best. We thought it might be usefully informative, as well as fun, to include some “auto hacks” that may come in handy today and tomorrow if those weather folks are right about the forecast.

1. Raise your windshield wipers when your car is parked so that if freezing rain or ice happens, your wipers won’t be frozen to your windshield. Make sure to put them back down before you head out for a drive though.
2. What to do with a frozen door lock? We have 3 hacks for you to try. You can take a straw and blow into the lock. You can also use hand sanitizer to thaw it. Lastly, use a lighter to warm up your key so that you can slide it into the lock.
3. Tired of how your car windows tend to fog up in the cold weather making visible difficult? Smear your windows with shaving cream and then wipe then clean. BAM, instant fog-free windows! FYI: This works for mirrors in bathrooms, too.
4. You know that PAM Cooking Spray can keep your food from sticking to the pan, but did you know it can also keep your door from freezing shut? Just spray PAM on the rubber edges of your car doors and rub in the spray with a rag or paper towel.
5. Unless you live in a warm tropical area where there is never ice or snow threats, it would be wise to invest in a good ice scraper. However, if you find yourself without an ice scraper you can use a plastic spatula or a credit card in a pinch. Avoid using metal or glass items as your scrapper alternative as you will risk breaking your window or scraping your paint. Plastic in this case may be best.
6. Freezer bags are useful for many things. For instance, you can put freezer bags on your car mirrors to prevent them from getting iced over. Nice!
7. Another fabulous product with several hack uses is kitty litter. You can keep a bag of litter in your trunk to add extra weight, which is useful in keeping your back tires grounded on the road while driving in snow and ice. Additionally, kitty litter may help keep moisture from icing up on your windows inside the car. Just put some litter in a sock and leave it in your back window area or on your dash. Incidentally, kitty litter also absorbs odor.
8. De-icer can be helpful, but not so helpful if you don’t have any. But did you know you can make your own de-icer from items most homes keep in stock? That’s right, DIY de-icer is quick and easy to make; simply add 3 parts vinegar to 1 part water in a spray bottle.

We hope these 8 hacks are never needed. However, if you do find yourself dealing with ice and snow, perhaps these quick and easy hacks will be helpful to you. Above all during ice and snow, be safe on the roads. Take it slow. Leave early to give yourself plenty of time to arrive. Have you winterized your vehicle? If your are not sure what that entails, check this out.